"My processes are rooted in an exploration of the world that we experience, giving sense to the scale of time and place and revealing details and structures which are often overlooked.

Much of my work is based on the gathering of material for further development.  This might take the form of photography, sound recording, or building collections of various sorts.

Gathered materials find their way into a conceptual framework in which I invite people to engage with their own thoughts, memories, insights and experiences."

Martin Winfield has lived in rural Mid-Wales since the turn of the millennium. His interdisciplinary artistic practice focuses on concept, observation and process, most often resulting in media non-specific installation.

He was born in Oxfordshire where he worked in engineering for many years.  After a spell studying philosophy at Birmingham University he set up an electronic design business which specialised in laboratory automation and bespoke control equipment for the motion-picture industry.

Contact - info (at) martinwinfield (dot) co (dot) uk